Hydraulic Grapple

  • Log Grapple

    Log Grapple

    1, mechanical type wood grab :  driven by the excavator bucket cylinder, without additional hydraulic blocks and pipelines;

    2, 360° rotary hydraulic wood grab: two sets of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines added on the excavator

    3, Non-rotating hydraulic wood grab: a set of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines added on the excavator

  • Steel Grab

    Steel Grab

    - Grab and load various materials such as scrap metal, industrial waste, gravel, construction waste and domestic waste.

    - Widely used in steel scrap yards, smelters, ports, terminals, and scrap transshipment industries.

    - Can be installed various types of carriers such as excavators, tower cranes, ship unloaders, and cranes.

    - Meets the needs of different customers and different working conditions.

  • Orange Peel Grapple

    Orange Peel Grapple

    1, The orange peel grapple is made of special steel, which is light in texture and high in wear resistance;

    2, Same level of gripping force, opening width, weight and performance;

    3, The high-pressure hose of the oil cylinder is built in to protect the hose;

    4, The oil cylinder is equipped with a cushion pad with shock absorption function.